Clash of the Titans XII Trans 768x453The Annual "Clash of the Titans" event at Cherrybrook High School is this weekend!

By Jaime Lawrence, Director of Experience

IMG 4587Australia's biggest Tabletop Game Convention was a blast and Manager of Good Games Town Hall, Martin Sullivan, threw himself on the grenade for us all.

SCREENWant to participate in the Grand Prix at Brisbane? This is the first step! Attend a Grand Brix Trial at your local Good Games to pave your way to victory.

SCREEN copy copyIt's time for another round of PPTQs! Fancy qualifying for a Qualifier to play at Kyoto? This is the first step! Here are the Good Games stores that will be running PPTQs that feed into Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, Kyoto.

WEBSITE Final War Demos

Final War is a 2 to 4-player tactical card game set on Gloren, a world ravaged by the forces of light and darkness. Each player controls a Warlord and 50-card Player Deck that represents their forces, which may be customised and enhanced with randomised Booster Packs.A Fate Deck moderates play and 12 sided dice are used to determine success or failure throughout the game. Choose your champion and join the Final War!