introGood Games is a remarkable place to work; not only is every year different from the last, every week in this dynamic industry can bring shifts and changes. 2016 was no exception to this rule, bringing surprises, changes and some wonderful new games. We asked our staff for some of their picks for best, worst and weirdest things in a Good Games store throughout 2016 - join us as we look at the best and the less-than-best of the year that was.

SCREENWant to participate in the Grand Prix at Brisbane? This is the first step! Attend a Grand Brix Trial at your local Good Games to pave your way to victory.

SCREEN copy copyIt's time for another round of PPTQs! Fancy qualifying for a Qualifier to play at Kyoto? This is the first step! Here are the Good Games stores that will be running PPTQs that feed into Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, Kyoto.

winter gifts snowflakes packages blue christmas fir pine bokeh snow winter feliz navidad aqua ribbons spruce hdr wallpaperChristmas is almost here and you have a gamer in your life, but don’t know what to get for them? Fear not, we here at Good Games have you covered with suggestions for all situations (and hey, if you are the gamer in your life and just want something cool, we’ll keep it between you, us and Santa!!)

WEBSITE Final War Demos

Final War is a 2 to 4-player tactical card game set on Gloren, a world ravaged by the forces of light and darkness. Each player controls a Warlord and 50-card Player Deck that represents their forces, which may be customised and enhanced with randomised Booster Packs.A Fate Deck moderates play and 12 sided dice are used to determine success or failure throughout the game. Choose your champion and join the Final War!