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Trains: An Aficionado Review


Aficionado Reviews is a series done by Kenny Nguyen on his blog. Go check out his Trains review!

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  • Junior Modern Classics


    There was a time where children had to sit out when parents played their favourite modern classic board games because they were “too complicated”. There was a time where kids had their own board games to play, but they were “too easy” for parents. Well those days are over. There are now wonderful games made for younger players that were inspired by Modern Classic Board Games that older players will still love. Here are 3 Junior Modern Classics for the whole family:

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  • Tales from a Female Druid


    A Druid’s role in a D&D party is to nuture, care and heal  for members of the adventuring party. The role of a mother is very similar, hence why I have titled my article as such.

    Hi my name is Eliza and along with being a Mum, I am also the Manager at Good Games Burwood. Good Games Burwood has a awesome team of staff, a wonderful community of people and an interesting colourful history, (we will get to that later) as it was formally Sydney Games Centre (SGC), first gaming store in Sydney and one of the first in Australia.

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  • 7 Board Game Awards You Should Know


    Did you know that there are board game awards? Here are 7 of them with a brief overview of them, their history, and their winners. These awards are given for many reasons, whether that be because it is a fantastic game itself or maybe it has educational merit. By writing this article, we hope that next time you are in a game store and you see an award sticker, you will know generally why that game won that particular award.

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  • Developing Early Math Skills


    As a junior primary school teacher, I often have parents asking me what extra things they can do with their children to help develop their maths. My reply is always 'Play board games'. There are many educational and developmental benefits that children gain when playing certain games. This article is going to detail some mathematical benefits for kids who about to start school, or who are in their first year of schooling. So, if you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, younger sibling, kid you’re babysitting, or child that you've kidnapped… and want to spend some quality time with them while helping them develop their maths skills, then read on!

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  • 5 Beautiful Boardgames


    Sometimes Board Games take you to a whole different world, and just on their presentation alone! This is a small list of Games that I have personally experienced and I would recommend for anyone who want a game that is gorgeous just to look at and play. Of course, the measure of beauty differs from genre to genre, but at the end of the day there are just some games just are a step above the rest in their aesthetics.

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  • Good Games Charity Auction


    NEWCON happened last weekend, and it was Newcastle NSW’s first gaming convention in manyyears. With over 200 participants, the Con focused on Role Playing andBoard Games. Dice rolled,people yelled, and serious and whimsical discussions were had. It was a good time for all.Roleplayers enjoyed Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Fiasco. Board Games played were manyand varied with an extensive library supplied by the event coordinators. A surprise hit for the Conwas Connect Four! The game was permanently set up at a table and drew people tojust sit downand have multiple attempts at it.

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